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Knife bar


A heavy-duty holder keeps your knives safe and close at hand, freeing up valuable table space!

Magnetic mounting system protects your knives from nicks and dulling, and keeps them sharper and cleaner – better than a metal holder, block or stand!

The stylish design organically fits into the modern house. The magnetic bar is made of solid wood and environmentally friendly deep processing with mineral oil and beeswax. Wood with a rich history and a very beautiful pattern will form a useful accessory in your kitchen.Each product is exclusive and looks beautiful in its own way. We always use the most beautiful part of the board for this. General form only. If you want something unique, something really well made – Our magnetic holder is for you! Powerful neodymium magnets with a holding force of 19 kg are hidden under the surface, each in the amount of 7 pcs. Even the largest steel chef’s blades, knives of any length and cleavers. The service life of magnets is more than 10 years. They are installed so that the knives will not overlap, and they will have the proper distance between them for ease of use. Installation to the wall is easy, thanks to hidden recessed holes in the back of the product, or double-sided tape. The thickness of the holder is 2.7 cm, which will allow you to conveniently place a knife with any size knife handle.The knives in the photo are for display only and are not included in the package. Some knives may be made of different metals and the magnetic attraction may be less strong. If you are not sure about the gravity of your knives, you can do a simple test at home. Take an ordinary type of magnet and try to put it on the knives.They are made of oak, ash, European and American walnut.Length 40, 50, 60 cm.